Ten day seaside Intensive trauma therapy training retreat with early morning trauma release chi gung exercises on the waterfront and all day workshops.

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Teaching at Esalen Institute

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If you're looking for ultimate healing transformation and a healthier you - you've come to the right place. The specialized somatic therapists at HealingWorksYes are committed to your comfort and satisfaction.

Somatic Healing Trauma Therapy, process oriented methods, improves  your feeling at home in yourself, increases creativity and body, mind, spirit unity. 

I can help you develop ways to reduce many common somatic issues such as stress, overwhelm, chronic muscle tightness, PTSD, visceral aches and pains from reliving trauma, anxiety, avoidance, terrors, life disconnects, panic, creative blocks, loss of comfort in your body, and shock trauma related depression. 

Somatic therapy improves your sense of wonder and joy in your body/mind/heart/spirit.  Recover from overwhelm, chronic traumatic stress, PTSD, in fun, creative, dynamic, and peaceful ways.

With 29 years of experience for your special program, I can provide exceptional value to your journey to wholeness.

Give me a call after you read this message and we can set up a time to speak to each other about your individual unique needs.

These sessions work well with team approaches and integrates well with all other healing modalities from other practitioners and does not exclude other modes of health care, but works very well within client centered self healing programs.

Several service offices are available at the 
Kalo Clinic for Chiropractic Care and alternative  medicine. Other office access with wheelchair access is available. Call 415-894-5751 or 415-794-7683 for more information.

Somatic education therapy can help anyone recover from shock to the body. 

 First responders, veterans, fire fighters, nurses, accident participants, mixed martial artists, health care workers with secondary trauma from work, witnesses to horror, all can benefit from personalized sessions.

High speed impacts, crime related injuries, medical accident traumas, high performance accidents, drownings, falls, rapes, disasters, can benefit and restore vitality and sense of wholeness.

Somatic educational coaching and self healing training methods works easily in team approach with other medical psychological professionals and helps acupuncture and other health providers build your successful outcome.  

Using PTSD Victory Therapy, New Chi Gung, PTSD releasing Yoga, Ecstatic Dance Therapy, Somatic Awareness techniques and 30 years of experience
 bring your body/mind/spirit to unique relief and recovery from severe trauma.

Somatic Experiencing is one modality I use for you that focuses on releasing shock trauma from the body.

This is your time 
to relax 
feel at home 
in your body. 

15 Years teaching somatic trauma trainings in Moskva, co-founding the International Somatics Institute. 
Year long trainings, yearly conference, certifications as a trauma specialist, summer master classes, and ten day intensive training seminar.

Welcome to healing works yes teaching at Esalen
Choose from a variety of services:

  • Somatic Experiencing -peaceful resolution of overwhelm, panic, shock trauma
  • Somatic Trauma Therapy Process Oriented Healing Techniques
  • Neuro-anatomical re-education and 
  • re-structuring 
  • Creativity focused healing art process
  • Alexander Technique 
  • Movement re-education and body re-training
  • Sports Injury action re-building
  • Prenatal and Infant Somatic Therapy and new Parental Bonding
  • Tutorial and Private Classes available for  Trainings
  • Neo Reichian Body Analysis and Breath Therapy

Curious what service is right for you? 
Our knowledgeable staff can assess your needs and help you choose.

Contact us today! 
Call 415-894-5751  415-794-7683 or email

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